Iqi Qoror Solo

Iqi postcard RGB.jpg

Do you know who I am?

Because I don’t.

My mind is a heavy grey rock

Colours spilling out of my head

My designer suit, grey and immaculate

Worn on the wrong side of my body

Everyone seated next to me

On the train, the office, the bar

Look exactly like me.

Who should I love or f---k

When I can barely look in the mirror

My reflection cracking into fissures

From the force of my doubting gaze.

How do I live in this world

Where I rise every morning

With a deep-rooted fatigue

Chest tight with anxiety

Neck clenched from tension

Consuming a daily diet of white noise.

I am distracted by nostalgia and the past

Also, repeatedly told about a future

Filled with breakthroughs and epochal change

Yet all I experience on the daily is inertia

What are these myths of past and future

You keep feeding me

And who are you, society, to know any better?